Forum Church is discipleship-model church built around encouraging and strengthening each other as we live out our lives to the fullest. Forum Church is a place where you can come to connect and grow with God and others and share what God is doing by encouraging and equipping the church to engage in God’s mission.

After graduating from seminary in 2014, Dustin and Dawn Payne spent a year serving the local church before leaving to follow a call to start a Christian community focused on building a discipleship movement. Forum Church began as a missional project in August of 2015. Our goal was to help folks from all walks of life live transformed lives centered on Christ. During this time, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship commissioned Dustin to start a church, and we began meeting in a local restaurant for weekly worship.

In 2017, the Forum partnered with Texas Baptists, and moved to Texas Cheer off Gosling. Now, with a full team, the Forum is becoming a church community centered on knowing God, imitating Christ’s love, and making disciples.

Join us and help build something new.



Live out the fullness of the Christ-Centered life by helping people know and love God, imitate Christ’s love for others and make disciples.



We seek to lead our family, friends and neighbors from a life separated from God to a life walking in the fullness of Christ. We see the Houston area overflowing with a multitude of churches built upon a movement of multiplying disciples.